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We are based in Nyon between Geneva and Lausanne, an ideal proximity to the localities that we work with.


Marie-Aline Laurencin

Property Hunter

E-mail :

Phone number : +4178 881 6233

A professional background mainly oriented in human resources as a headhunter with a specialization in recruitment, in London and then in Geneva.

It was through searching for my own estate for my family that I acquainted myself with the Property Hunter profession. A rapidly growing profession that owes its success to the constant increase in buyers in Switzerland, but also to the difficulties associated with the property searching process. (Time spent searching and visiting, disappointment when visiting, a saturated market where quality housing is exchanged at a very quick rate).

To address this need, I have fully invested myself in the real estate sector to be a buyer’s ideal partner and a USPI qualified associate. (Swiss Association of Real Estate Professionals)